SwamiSEO to provide complete SEO solution to Ringtones.be

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Ringtones.be has appointed SwamiSEO to provide complete SEO solution to its Ringtones Portal.

SwamiSEO, London based SEO consultancy, have been engaged by the Belgium based portal Ringtones.be to provide complete SEO solution to its portal. Ringtones.be is one of the leading Dutch portal in Belgium which offers free downloads for ringtones, Music tones, polytones, wallpapers and mobile games.

SwamiSEO is one of the leading SEO consultancy offering complete end to end SEO services to clients from all over the world. It is also one of the leading SEO consultancy offering Multilingual SEO services in Dutch, French, German and other languages to its European clients.

Ringtones.be portal has been designed and developed by SwamiWebDesign, a sister concern of SwamiSEO.

“We are delighted to get this offer as it opens up new opportunity for us to tap the International and Multilingual SEO market.” said SwamiSEO director, Ajay Kumar Singh.

For more information about SwamiSEO or to find out more about their services please visit: http://www.SwamiSEO.co.uk or contact us:

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Announcing Directory Submission Services

Category: SwamiSEO News - Ajay Kumar Singh @ June 21, 2009 12:48 pm

We are proudly announcing the launch of directory submission services for our clients. We have been offering directory submission services to our clients as part of complete end to end SEO services which we are now extending to be offered as stand alone services.

Directory Submission services is essential for the overall SEO strategy.

For more details on this services visit our Directory Submission services page.

SwamiSEO News webiste launched

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After a long time we have finally managed to launch our brand new news website which will offer news, and other live updates.

SwamiSEO is on Twitter now

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Whole world is twiting so how could we have been left behind.

We are now twitter…

SwamiSEO Launches SEO Report Services

Category: SwamiSEO News - Ajay Kumar Singh @ February 7, 2008 7:50 am

SwamiSEO, one of the leading SEO companies in the world, is now offering a comprehensive SEO Reporting Services.

SwamiSEO reporting services is aimed for any business/corporate/individuals who wants to assess their websites for the Search Engine Optimization. SwamiSEO recommends to get SEO report before proceeding with any SEO services.

SEO Report consist of detailed report on website and top 10 competitor websites.

SEO report is prepared by utilizing a combnination of tools and manual inspection and it is always highly customized to suit individual need.

The Comprehensive Summary provides the overall analysis of the report and lists down the area which requires improvement and any other suggestions which are important for the SEO.

Suggestions for SEO consist of a detailed list of rules which should be followed to keep website optimized for search engines.

For more details visit SEO Report services.

SwamiLaptops acquires No. 1 Position on Google

Category: SwamiSEO News - Ajay Kumar Singh @ August 25, 2007 7:43 am

Professional effort, hard work and disciplined approach can do miracle. SwamiLaptops has translated this into reality by occupying top position in majority of world renowned internet search engines viz. Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. for laptop, laptop brands and laptop accessories.

SwamiLaptops has become the top destination for customers and techies who are either looking for laptop information or review or laptops to purchase. Not only in India but in whole world SwamiLaptops is in the top 10 for the laptop, laptop brands and laptop accessories search results.

SwamiLaptops is attracting over 12,000 unique visitors per day since its inception in year 2006. Now SwamiLaptops has become one stop source for information for all brands of laptops and laptop reviews. SwamiLaptops have even surpassed majority of manufacturer’s website for online searches results. SwamiLaptops has even surpassed internet giants such as eBay India, Techtree, rediff, Indiatimes and other major Indian portals for Laptops and Laptops accessories searches on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN not only for India specific searches but for worldwide searches.

Our hard work has paid off and within one year we have done unthinkable with our determination, perseverance, and team effort, said Swami Ajayanand, founder and director of SAIPL which owns SwamiLaptops. We will continue to work towards making SwamiLaptops as No. 1 destination for laptop products information, laptop reviews and online laptop shopping, he added further.

SwamiLaptops deals in majority of international and national brands viz. Sony, Lenovo, Toshiba, HCL, Wipro, Acer, Apple, LG, HP and SAHARA. SwamiLaptops is owned by Bangalore based SAIPL which is Indian subsidiary of London headquartered A K Singh Limited.

More details on the website can be obtained from:

6A Northbrook Road,
London, UK